Naturopathy Explained – Physical Fitness [Part 7 of 7]

Physical Fitness

Naturopathy Explained - Physical Fitness Yoga Bend Photo - Salvatore Di Liello, N.D. - Naturopathic DoctorUse it or Loose it!

Holistic approach – another important pillar of Naturopathy is the physical component.

Human beings were not designed to stay inactive and were genetically programmed for movement, however, in many cases today we tend to be more sedentary than our ancestors.  Between sitting at our desks and commuting to and from work some of us spend anywhere between 8-10 hours per day sitting.  So, what can be done and why is it important to keep ourselves in good shape?

Not everyone can or wants to go to a gym to work out or has a room in their home designated for physical fitness with various types of exercise equipment but even a small area for a yoga mat can help us staying in shape.  Putting aside 20-30 minutes per day for exercise is not an unreachable goal.    Taking a walk or a bike ride in a park is always a “refreshing” activity.  On the other hand, if you don’t want to leave the house, a good yoga routine can be invigorating as well as helpful in keeping our bodies more flexible.

Even when sitting at our desks we can do a few sitting exercises or pacing back and forth as we talk on our phones. Here is one exercise that can be easily done while sitting at your office chair. Sitting with your feet flat on the floor, back straight and shoulders down but with some pressure on your shoulder blades to push the chest forward.  Lift your legs alternatively and put some pressure with your hands on the knees, then expend your leg and flex your foot, hold it for few seconds and put it back down.  Repeat it 7-10 times.  It’s easy, doesn’t cost anything and can be done at any time!

When we exercise, our brain releases myriads of hormones that are beneficial to our health. Hera are a few:  Glucagon, epinephrine (adrenaline) and endorphin to mention a few.   These hormones, along with others released during exercise can help with such things as regulating blood sugar levels, blood pressure, anxiety, depression, weight loss, mental clarity and self-esteem.

Remember, exercising benefits not only on the physical aspect but the mental and emotional as well.

So use it or lose it! And Keep MOVING 🙂

This article is Part 7 of 7 in a series explaining the various sub-categories within Naturopathy – more articles to come soon! In the meantime, you can review previously published articles Part 1 of 7, Part 2 of 7, Part 3 of 7, Part 4 of 7 , Part 5 of 7., and Part 6 of 7. Stay tuned to read more about the individual methodologies behind this safe, effective, natural approach to managing your everyday health!

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